Sunday, September 5, 2010

New York to Bloomsburg


So on the Friday (27th August), I woke up early at about 7am so that I had enough time to back my things up, have a shower, have breakfast and then be on my way to Newark Airport. This meant taking the subway a few stops down the line to Penn Station. The Subway is fairly easy to use in New York. It is just a standard fee of $2.25 for a one way trip. Which makes it a lot simpler to use than the London Underground. When I got to Penn Station I just followed the sign for the New Jersey Transit. I looked up the night before how I needed to get to Newark Airport, so I knew already that this was the way that I had to go. I got to the right area of the station, and then bought my NJ Transit ticket and made sure that it included the AirTrain for Newark aiport.

It was quite a mission getting all of my luggage onto the train, as it was pretty narrow, but luckily I made it. The train then pulled out of the station and made its way through the New York suburbs. There was not much to see on the way over to the airport, but it was still quite nice to see some different parts of the city. The train journey didn't take too long, probably about 25/30 minutes at most. I then made my way to the AirTrain, which is basically just a shuttle between the diferent terminals of the airport. They were doing maintenance, so it took about 10 minutes for a train to come along. But i didn't matter as I had about 35/40 minutes till I was meant to be at the metting point anyway, and it was only 2 stops away.

Once I got to Terminal C, which is where we were to meet, I made my way to the Starbucks. I now probably had about 30 minutes to wait, so I got a drink and a lovely chocolate brownie to eat :). I met a couple of people who were also going to Bloomsburg and so started talking to them. It got to midday and we were starting to wonder where the bus was. However it turned up about 10 minutes later and it was all fine. Apart from the fact that we had to wait for another person to arrive. The problem was that her plane didn't land till midday. But it was fine, and gave us all time to chat and get to know each other.

The person we were waiting for then arrived and we were off. The driver told us that it would be about 2/3 hours till we actually got to Bloomsburg. So we just talked some more and the time passed pretty quickly actually. It was nice getting to know some people before I actually arrived.

The driver we had was really nice also. When we arrived in Bloomsburg he took us to get our student I.D cards. Then took us all to Wal-Mart so that we could get some stuff that we needed.

I couldn't resist buying this case of 24 cans of Coke for $6, it was too much of a bargain.

I will try and get around to posting again tomorrow. It's Labor Day here tomorrow, which means no classes, so hopefully I will get the time.

Jarvis x